Phuket Surfing Information


The marvellous town and the beautiful beach

Phuket is a tropical resort and has warm, beautiful sea water, clear white beaches and blue sky. As soon as you see it, you will fall in love with the place. It is not known very much, but it is a heaven for the surfers, because the waves break everywhere. The waves are mellow and fun. Phuket is not so crowded, That's why you can rent a whole beach with your friends. The main town of Phuket , Paton is quite close to the beach, so you can enjoy at the town after surfing. You can go shopping, spa, have a massage, whatever you want. In addition, if you want to focus on surfing more than sightseeing and the hustle-bustle of the town , you may enjoy surfing at Kata beach. You can very much choose the type of trip, according to your preference. Phuket is an excellent resort, which will surely satisfy surfing needs. Of course, wherever you stay in Phuket, there are always a lot of restaurants. If you get fed up with Thai food, don't worry, as you can you enjoy all kinds of food at Phuket's exclusive resort, where people from all over the world get together. Especially, there are several Italian and German restaurants because of the many tourists from Europe. You can also eat French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese food, with an added twist, brought about by the collaboration between the essence of the different styles, and the local fresh seafood. In addition, it is free for each person to bring one surfboard to the airplane (only Thai Airways International (between May and October) without getting overcharged.


Useful Information

I recommend Yao Noi Island for the day wasting time trying to find waves.

Yao Noi Island at 46sq km remains quiet and unspoiled, discover good old Thailand,
and unspoiled mangrove forest with River Kayacking.
You'll want to visit this Island at least once.
To get to YaoNoi Island, you take a ferry or boat from Bang Rong Pier at Phuket.
The boat takes an hour and the ferry takes 25 minutes to reach this Island.
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