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Last Update:2015/7
※The conditions of the waves and weather depend on the date and situation. Please check out this website as a reference.

What is the quality of the waves in Phuket like?

You can surf on the west side of the beach.The area for surfing stretches out from south to north. The waves here are mainly caused by the wind from the monsoon, not solid waves like those from the grandswell in Bali, but more mellow and enjoyable waves. So, if you are a beginner or middle-class surfer, this is probably the best area for you.
The strength of the wind varies a lot, although it is generally limited to sideshore to onshore winds all day long.
The waves are usually around waist to shoulder height. With the effect of the monsoon, the size of wave can become head height. After the strong winds have blown for a couple of days, you can expect great quality glassy waves. The surfing points are scattered along the complex coastline, so you should be able to pick out a point where you can avoid the wind. There is little difference in the quality of waves between the points except around the reef. However, how busy it gets will depend on the point that you choose.

When is the best season?

The answer is the rainy season from May to October, especially the season when the wind just changes means that the condition of the waves turns better. The waves in the dry season are flat and therefore not good to surf on. From the middle of the June, they become bigger.

What is the best time during a day?

During the surfing season, the direction of the wind is not offshore. The wind strength basically stays the same (although can vary from time to time), so having to wake up early in order to surf on the offshore waves is not an issue. The local surfers mainly surf from the afternoon, so if you want to surf without any other surfers around, surfing in the morning is the key. Just be careful of the tide. Of course it is up to you where to surf. When the tide is out too much on a windy day, the waves become dumper waves. It is best to surf from the time of high tide until the time the tide starts going out.

How do I get to the spots?

The infrastructure in Phuket is different from that of Japan as it takes longer to get to places so it would be wise to avoid renting a car.
In the case of Paton beach, the distance between the town and the beach is quite close. So, we suggest that you stay at the hotel of the town, then go to the beach on foot. In other areas like Karon beach and  Kata beach, there are some hotels. If you are not staying at the hotel around the beach, you should have a surf tour (which includes a car and guide) .

Can I rent a surfboard?

There is a board rental shop at the sand beach which is left-back towards Kata beach. But ,if you want authentic boards, we recommend you to go to “Tokonatsuya” . It offers you surfboards, funboards and longboards of good quality. It also provides surfing and diving guide in Japanese, so you can get comprehensive information about the the various points in the area. Please take advantage of surfing schools and tours offered by them too. 



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Are there any surf shops?

There are some apparel shops such as QUICK SILVER and Rip Curl (wear, beach sandals, accessories, some gear and boards) at the big shopping mall, Jungceylon, in town. There are also some surf shops at Karon beach, Kata beach and Surin beach. But you can't expect as good a line-up of goods as in Japan.

Can you recommend a good schedule for me? I want to do leisure activities as well as surfing.

There is a large variety of marine sports and activities, such as trial versions of diving, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, golf, Thai massage , aesthete, etc. You will be spoiled for choice. Bungee jumping on the outskirts of Patong has also recently become popular. Phuket also has some temples in the town, and you can watch Muay Thai in the evening. In other words, you can do a lot of activities besides surfing. We can provide you with a model schedule. For example, a delicious breakfast at the hotel, followed by surfing in the morning → lunch + an activity or sightseeing → a second round of surfing as you watch the sunset → dinner followed by muay thai.
How about it? Sounds pretty good doesn't it?! Even if you come to Phuket for only a short stay, Phuket will offer you a fantastic time.

Should I take something to the Phuket for surfing?

You should not expect surf shops to be everywhere like in Japan, so we recommend that you bring what you need to Phuket. You should have sunscreen although you can usually buy this at the convenience stores (Seven Eleven and Family Mart). You can surf with your swimming wear because the water temperature is quite warm (average 28-30℃).you need to have a rush guard or T-shirt to prevent from suntanning. The sunshine is very strong. If you are easy to feel cold, You also should have tapper for the bad weather and strong wind.
It is useful to have a watch with a tide graph. Don't forget to take your sunglass and hat with you as well.

Are there a lot of local surfers?

The number of surfers at Khaolak on the Thai mainland and in Phuket has increased as a result of the rise in the popularity of surfing in the last 5 years. Before then, you would hardly find surfers at any of the points. But the number of surfers from Japan and Australia has gone up rapidly in more recent days, particularly at the main beaches like Kata beach. On the other hand, there are much fewer surfers in contrast to the Japanese during the high seasons like the summer vacation or the Bon festival. The busiest beach in Phuket is Kata beach. The are some beaches besides Kata beach where you can rent. It is said that Thailand is the “Land of smiles” which means they are characteristically peaceful and gentle. You have to understand and respect them. Then, be careful of the rhythm of the local surfers and not ruin the atmosphere of the beach.

Is it possible to surf in Phuket for the first time, even if my friend who goes with me isn't a surfer?

Phuket always gives you lots of options. Even if your friend is surfing for the first time, don't worry. There are many points where beginners can have fun. The winds are such, that you can feel a sense of accomplishment, even if the waves are small. The “Tokonatsuya” (mentioned above) can provide you both rental boards and lessons.

I am a beginner of surfing, is this a problem?

The waves that even beginners can enjoy are broken somewhere. The waves in Phuket are basically windy ones, so it is not so powerful to surf on.
If it winds heavily, the size of the waves tends to be bigger and the power of the waves seem to increase. You should judge whether it fits your level or not, because there are no life guards here. Of course, you can ask the staff of a surf shop at Katabeach about information of the wave. In addition、when the red flag is put up on the beach in Phuket, you are not allowed to swim. Take extra care is you are in the sea when there is a red flag hoisted.

Where do you recommend to surf for beginners?

It is up to the conditions of the waves. We recommend you to surf at Katabeach.
However, recently, the surfers all over the world come over to the Phuket and it is therefore sometimes crowded. There is usually another spot which is a lot freer to surf on. We can say that Phuket is the best place to surf for beginners!

What do I need to pay attention to?

You don't need to care about the waves because they are tranquil, But please pay attention to the rocks seen off and on the line of the paddleout or during while riding at the Kalim beach and Katanoi beach reef breaks. We strongly recommend that you surf after having been given advice of each point by the surf guide. In addition, as we pointed out before, the culture and situation of surfing in Thailand is different from that of Japan. You should not ignore the local, mellow and peaceful rhythm, even if there are few people on the beach. Be aware that you should surf with others in mind. but the monsoon often occurs in the southern countries so the weather can turn into heavy rain and wind. It sometimes happens that you can't see anything and the current could become stronger. If you see the black clouds you should get out of the sea. As you know,be mindful of the rules.