Phuket Surfing Information

Phuket Surfing Information

Phuket surfspot

You can surf at the west side of the beach. When the wind blows from west to south west, the size of the wave tends to be bigger. The wave is constantly waist or chest high. It is perceived that the wave is onshore wind which is unchangeable all day long . So, after the wind that has blown for a couple of days calms down, you can get the chance to meet the good wave. In addition, it is also good time to meet the good wave around the turn of the season(October) because of the turn of the wind.
The wave is basically mellow and fun , but there are some differences between the points because of the complexity of the coastline..
※Please check out this website as a reference、because the condition of the wave or the weather tend to be changeable.


It is situated in the national memorial park which is filled with greenery. This is the beautiful beach where the presence of nature remains. The sea is shallow for a good distance from the shore. When the size of the wave is bigger, you can surf at the outer reef.


Naiton beach is 10 minutes' drive toward south from Nai yang beach. The visibility of the water here is the best in Phuket. There are no litter and few people visit here. So, it can happen that you and your friend dominate the beach.


The area of this beach used to be a swamp but it has developed along the beach. Then this area, Laguna district, has become one of the most beautiful beach.
Some exclusive hotels stand in a row and there are several spas and golf courses.
So, this beach fits the people who want to relax.


This beach is situated in the area where the high-class resorts, such as Amanpuri, stand in a row. Many booths where the local people usually go are concentrated around the entrance of this beach. You can be satisfied with the reasonable and delicious Thai cuisine at the restaurant of the beach side which has the thatched roof with the peaceful atmosphere.


There are the constant waves, and it has the base of the local surfing team' SURFING CLUB'( photograph above). When there are good waves, company naturally come up. 
This is the point in the northern islamic region. Therefore, the local surfers are likely to be muslim.
The bottom of the sea is gravel and the landform is quite stable and hardly affected even by strong winds. But the water is so deep, that when the tide is high, the waves do not break easily. Low tide is a better time for this reason. When the waves are higher than the waist, it breaks. Please be careful of rocks hidden in the sea in the area.


It takes five minutes from PATON BEACH by car. Some local contests has been held since several years ago. The bottom of the sea is made of rocks. So, you can not surf at the low tide. This beach tends to not be influenced by the winds and the waves is beautifully broken as well as for long riding. But it is a bit dangerous to surf, even though the wave is small, because the bottom of the sea is made of the hard rocks. Only local people usually go there. This point is for more than intermediate surfers.


This beach was the first resort to be developed in Phuket. It is still a mecca of the sightseeing and vibrant with life. The kite surfing and water bike are very popular here. You can surf at the time when the tide is changing, but it is bit difficult to make your surf board hit the wave.


This is the private beach which is situated at the cape south of Paton beach.
You don't expect the waves, but this is regarded as the most romantic beach.


It is more calmer and quieter than Paton beach. The travelers from Europe get here again and again. There are lots of fashionable hotels and restaurants around here. So, we recommend a couple to travel here. You should get the break at the edge of the southern bay. You need to pay attention to the current which is very strong here. Beginners shouldn't surf here.


A number of waves in Kata beach are the most frequent in Phuket. The size of waves tend to be much bigger than that of Paton beach. There are some shops for rental surf board. That's why this beach are popular among both locals and visitors. When it is good condition, people are likely to come here. When the wave becomes bigger and a number of waves increases, getting out is quite hard from the centre, so, you should do getting out from the rocky stretch of left side.
⇒video of the beach here


This bay is situated south to Kata beach. The size of the wave is much bigger than that of Kata beach. When the size of waves becomes bigger, local surfers come up. So, the wave is powerful,the break comes a bit early and you can enjoy surfing with short board. Both regular and goofy waves are good.The regular wave which breaks at the rocky stretch of the bay is quite good. There are some rocks hidden inside on the left.Unlike the busy resort, Paton beach, You feel the quiet resort of the southern island.The point is a bit narrower than Kata beach. Therefore, you should avoid surfing here when there are more than 10 people surfing at one time. 
⇒video of the beach here


This is the southernmost surf spot in Phuket. It takes 30 minutes from Kata beach by car.The bay is before the Prompt cape which is well-known for the evening sun. There are very few locals because this point is on the south end The atmosphere of the resort is awesome. This spot quickly respond to the wave by south. You need to pay attention to the current. But, you can get the best goofy waves from the rocks on the left ends towards the sea when the wind and tide matches. This is the number 1 surf point in terms of scenery.
⇒video of the beach here


This is the beach break at the national park in KHAO LAMPI HAD. The inside of the park is properly maintained and you need to pay about ¥500 for entrance.
The break depends on the tide. So, please check out the countless sand bar as you will hardly see other surfers.